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Hi, I’m Stephen Meechan .

As a Master’s level Executive Coach  who is MBTI qualified and  based in Buenos Aires. My goal is to support people so they can become their best, richest and most fulfilled selves. This is achieved through active listening and supported reflection in order to maximise the change and self fulfilment that clients are looking to achieve.

I obtained my Masters in Executive Coaching at Ashridge Business School in England. My dissertation was on a subject where there was very little published research within coaching regarding how to have a good ending of the coaching relationship for both the coachee and the coach. The coaching relationship can be full of emotion and intensity and the best coaches are the ones who can support both parties through what can be incredible journeys ensuring the client achieves their desired outcome with both parties achieving a sense of fulfilment without internalising any sense of loss which can come from the ending of any relationship.

    Let`s Talk

    Do you want to do and accomplish more, but don’t know where to begin? I’m here to help you begin your journey.

    Don’t wait another moment. The time is now. The person is you. Take the leap and start and maintain the change you are looking for.


    Before working with Stephen I felt that I had limited options for my management future. Now , with his support, I have completely changed the way l lead my team and influence both internal and external clients. Results are above forecast this year and team retention levels are the best ever. Thanks Stephen for helping me help and know myself.

    John -Deputy Medical Director

    Working with Stephen has empowered me. Before I started this self-exploration, I lived in fear of failure. Thanks to his coaching and support, my entire life has improved.

    John -Finance

    l always had “Impostor Syndrome “, social anxiety which impacted on both my professional and personal life. Through what l got to know were his use of Gestalt and Solution Focused techniques l transformed into someone who is now assured and confident and stepped into my dream job.

    Crystal- Management Consultant

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