What is Coaching ?


  • Coaching is a system designed to facilitate self-actualisation and support people become more and perform at their peak.
  • It is empowering and believes that people have the internal resources to achieve whatever they set their minds to.
  • It promotes self-worth, encourages learning and provides the platform for people to set and achieve mighty goals.
  • Executive Coaching is a reward for star achievers, high potential candidates, new leaders, experienced leaders and leaders in transition.
  • The coaching is conducted by an objective, trained person who does not hold influence over the coachee.

Coaching style

There are many forms of coaching styles but l use both Gestalt and Solution Focused techniques to firstly help clients raise awareness and then adopt a solution focused approach to enable them to deliver their goals, either work related or personal.


Gestalt is a technique for raising awareness in clients as to what they are feeling, thinking and experiencing in relation to what they are bringing to the coaching session, often unconsciously.

Solution Focussed Coaching

There are many clients who are already aware of what they want to change but are unsure how best to achieve it. For them a solution focussed approach to achieve their desired change. Some clients benefit from their coaching sessions being one of raising awareness using Gestalt techniques with then further sessions involving a Solution Focused Approacsh to support them to achieve their desired change.

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